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A Feast on the Dry Plains by Evenape A Feast on the Dry Plains :iconevenape:Evenape 15 10 Common Cloverwing by Evenape Common Cloverwing :iconevenape:Evenape 11 9 Gorgosaurus for The Age of Reptiles by Evenape Gorgosaurus for The Age of Reptiles :iconevenape:Evenape 12 2 Kronosaurus by Evenape Kronosaurus :iconevenape:Evenape 11 126 On The Road To Anyer... by Evenape On The Road To Anyer... :iconevenape:Evenape 2 0 TUUDDBSTATI concept : Compsognathus by Evenape TUUDDBSTATI concept : Compsognathus :iconevenape:Evenape 11 4 Tupandactylus concept by Evenape Tupandactylus concept :iconevenape:Evenape 9 20 Stop ACTA by Evenape Stop ACTA :iconevenape:Evenape 1 0 STOP SOPA AND PIPA by Evenape STOP SOPA AND PIPA :iconevenape:Evenape 3 0 Caudipteryx v. Sinocalliopteryx by Evenape Caudipteryx v. Sinocalliopteryx :iconevenape:Evenape 12 10 Science is God's toolbox by Evenape Science is God's toolbox :iconevenape:Evenape 7 18 Corythodraco by Evenape Corythodraco :iconevenape:Evenape 4 4 Lagosuchus by Evenape Lagosuchus :iconevenape:Evenape 2 0 Silesaurus photoshop by Evenape Silesaurus photoshop :iconevenape:Evenape 1 8 Silesaurus by Evenape Silesaurus :iconevenape:Evenape 1 0 Anomalocaris by Evenape Anomalocaris :iconevenape:Evenape 1 1


Life in the Cretaceous Undergrowth by RickRaptor105 Life in the Cretaceous Undergrowth :iconrickraptor105:RickRaptor105 60 39 Sketchtember Week 1 by Osmatar Sketchtember Week 1 :iconosmatar:Osmatar 64 12 Shringasaurus by Hyrotrioskjan Shringasaurus :iconhyrotrioskjan:Hyrotrioskjan 479 61
I Won the Sidewise Award!!!!
I co-won the Sidewise Award for short fiction along with @adamrov and Ben Winters. I am honored to be in their company.
:iconbensen-daniel:bensen-daniel 3 3
Jehol Bird by DrawingDinosaurs Jehol Bird :icondrawingdinosaurs:DrawingDinosaurs 134 9
PWW: Text Entry #4
We’re Not Alone
Today was the first time that my comrades finally started to believe me. I found a feather on the ground, approximately a foot and a half long. It was soft, with frayed edges. Immediately I knew its owner: an owl. A big owl at that. My guess was that the owner was unlike anything known to man, but without a specimen it is impossible to know for sure. My guides seemed very uneasy about my discovery, and insisted I hand over the feather or else they’d cease showing the way… Naturally, for the sake of the others I did give it to them.
I thought back to my prior experiences.
Everything made sense now, the noises I had been hearing, the eyeshine at night, everything was suddenly rationalized. Needless to say, even with the calls at night, I finally got decent sleep.
- Archibald [Preferably Archie] Blackwell
Somewhere in the Sonora, Mexico
August 20th, 2017
Catching the Nightstalker
:iconfireplume:Fireplume 2 6
I am goin to be a father !!
Hello everyone:)
Around 2 weeks from now, my wife and i are goin to have our first child. So forth everyting is looking good and we dont know what its goin to be, wanna safe that for the big day.
However, this will mean a new life and less time for showing art here so dont count on me submitting art to often. I might also go over to markers entierly since its actually less time consuming than digitall colouration.
So i hope that i will be able to draw as much as possible but family comes first ;)
Best regards Hellraptor
Clubs im in
:iconhellraptor:Hellraptor 20 152
Domestic Buitre Breeds by Osmatar Domestic Buitre Breeds :iconosmatar:Osmatar 233 30 Variant I Achilobator female by kingrexy Variant I Achilobator female :iconkingrexy:kingrexy 6 0
The Speculative Dinosaur Project
(for better formatting and working links, click here)
Those of you with long memories might remember that I was involved in the Speculative Dinosaur Project back when I was in high school. The project is moribund now, but it’s still getting attention. Nikolay Kilyachkov is one such attention-giver, and kindly asked me some questions about Specworld.
When did the Specworld project begin?

The Speculative Dinosaur Project began in 2001 with this thread on the Dinosaur Mailing List.
What idea lay in the beginning of Specworld project?

“What if the KT extinction didn’t happen?”
How Spec team gathered together? Did you look for them or did they come up themselves?
The original Spec collaborators were contributors to that DML thread, but after we started our own web page, other people found us. The primary collaborators to the original Speculative Dinosaur Project were me (Daniel Bensen doing
:iconbensen-daniel:bensen-daniel 9 37
The Southern Continents by WSnyder The Southern Continents :iconwsnyder:WSnyder 33 12
A dinosaur preserved in amber!
Yeah, well, ok, it's an enantiornithe chick, but still a dinosaur right? :D I say it's pretty spectacular!
:iconhodarinundu:HodariNundu 32 32
Colouration in Mesozoic creatures: the list so far
(Updated 2017-08-06) - Unnamed nodosaur -> Borealopelta markmitchelli
One of the most promising and interesting breakthroughs in paleontology during later years is that we have been able to study the actual colouration of extinct animals. Close-up studies using microscopes may unveil preserved pigments in exceptional fossils and, though very rarely, sometimes allow us to make educated guesses and infer the color of the animal based on the shapes of pigments in modern animals.
This Journal entry serves as a summary of the animals whose colouration (or part of colouration) we know so far and will be updated with new information and discoveries as we analyze more specimens preserved with pigments. The entries are structured by taxonomix group. Numbers in the text, written like this: [1], specify which source has been used.
Species with preserved melanosomes not yet interpreted as specific colors include non-avian dinosaurs Ornithomimus, Yixianosau
:iconmegabass22:megabass22 62 69
NUKING 'Toroceratops' -The master list!!!
Any questions about why "Toroceratops" theory is not valid should be directed here. If you want to know more about it, just read this and if you have questions about Toroceratops or Jack Horner's other hyper-lump theories, comment here - it's a lot easier and less messy than asking me about it in the main page comments.
Q: I have heard that the Jack Horner theory about Torosaurus being nothing more than old individuals of Triceratops is getting a lot of pushback. Paleo King, what are your views on the theory, and what does the evidence actually say?

A: They are arm-waving. Horner actually has a pattern of doing this, it isn't the first time. Remember the “obligate scavenger T. rex”? Every piece of evidence Bakker, Currie, Weishampel, etc. looked at, Horner basically ignored or dismissed or even denied – even things as basic as eye socket shape – just to preserve his precious theory. Later Horner confessed that he “never liked T. rex anyway” (h
:iconpaleo-king:Paleo-King 28 64
Odontotyrannus WIP by Osmatar Odontotyrannus WIP :iconosmatar:Osmatar 74 30
The irrational fear of dinosaurs no longer being classified the way you used to learn.
According to this newest theory, the Saurischia we used to know (Theropoda + Sauropodomorpha) is wrong and theropods are more closely related to ornithischians, with which they form the new clade #Ornithoscelida. Saurischia now only contains Sauropodomorpha and the Herrerasauridae.
:iconrickraptor105:RickRaptor105 7 12


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  • Drinking: liquid dihydrogen monoxide
I've been randomly tagged by :iconhybridrex: :O

1.) What do you think the future of humans will be like in 10-20 million years(morphology, psychologically, culturally, etc,)?

2. )What's your preferred media to use in art(pencil, paint, digital, etc,)? What kind of media do you want to use?

3. )If you been asked to go to the moon, would you do it?

4. )What's your opinion on genetic engineering?

5. )What's your preferred pet of choice?

6. )Strigops habroptilus or Apteryx?

7. )What is one of your favourite monster in Greek mythology?

8. )What is your opinion on cryptozoology? 

9. )What is your favourite recent palaeontological discovery(lythronax, The body of Deinocheirus, the "flightless" Pterosaur, feathered Neornithischian, etc,)?

10. )What is your favourite species of Tyrannosaurid?

1. In 10 Ma from now, we would've gone interstellar, meet alien life forms. We would be a psychologically more mature species, and would've changed all our energy source into renewable ones... Our morphology would look different in the reducing of digits IV and V, a slightly less complex gut, etc.
This is assuming that we will still be a sapient species in the meantime...

2. Traditional pencil art! It suits me most... Also am trying to study a little bit more on digital arts.. (Photoshop).

3. Well, I'd since it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience... The journey upwards won't be comfortable for me, though...

4. It's useful to solve our problems.(esp food shortage)... Not so keen on it's applications on humans, though...

5. Something other than the usual dog, cat, rabbit,etc.. Preferably a reptile..

6. Kakapo or kiwi... I'd have to choose the kiwi, since it's more ancient and abberant

7. Possibly argus, chimaera, or Ladon...

8. Can be considered healthy science when cryptozoologists actually use the scientific methods of deduction... Which is not what most do... (Basically, they jump to conclusions too much)

9. I'd have to say the "Kundurodromaeus" (that feathered Siberian ornithopod) caught my attention the most... Might be the proof of the feathered ancestral condition for dinosaurs...

10. Alioramus, simply because it's the weirdest   It might not even be a proper tyrannosaurid


Stefanus S
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
"Christians need to understand the first chapter of Genesis for what it is: an 'accurate' rendering of the physical universe by ancient standards that God used as the vehicle to deliver timeless theological truth to His people. We shouldn’t try to make Genesis into something that it’s not by dragging it through 3,500 years of scientific progress. When reading Genesis, Christians today need to transport themselves back to Mt. Sinai and leave our modern minds in the 21st century. If you only remember one thing from this chapter make it this: Genesis is not giving us creation science. It is giving us something much more profound and practical than that. Genesis is giving us a Biblical Theology of Creation."
Gordon J Glover, Beyond the Firmament: Understanding Science and the Theology of Creation
A Roman Catholic which "believes" in theist evolution as a way of God creating the Universe
May God bless you always, wherever, whomever, you are...

Current Residence: Modernland, Tangerang, Indonesia
Favourite genre of music: Classical, 80s Indonesian music
Favourite style of art: Paleoart
Operating System: Windows XP
Wallpaper of choice: Vortex wallpaper of Windows XP
Personal Quote: "Every action has an equal and opposite reaction"


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